The need to diversify: Coppa Club culture in the hospitality industry

The Coppa Club hotel franchise expands its portfolio with a new venue in Surrey that celebrates style in its most authentic form; The Georgian. Opened on Tuesday 26th April 2022, the property reflects the history and architectural element of the building, while setting new trends on the streets of Haslemere, near the idyllic Surrey Hills.

What attracted the Coppa Club to Haslemere?

The Coppa Club have been looking for a site in and around Haslemere for some time. We love the character and vibe of the town, but were expecting the right property. The Georgian is exactly where we hoped to be and we can’t wait to give locals their own clubhouse to enjoy and use every day.

Why did the operator decide to dive into the hotel market?

Coppa Club didn’t really dive into it – the hotels in Streatley and Sonning have always been linked via the business umbilical cord to the Coppa Clubs there. The IPO accelerated their integration into the business and allowed us to distill our clubhouse proposition with its bedrooms, event spaces, dining spaces, bars, and more. We are extremely encouraged by the hotel’s performance and look forward to showing what we can offer in Haslemere as well.

Why is it important for companies to diversify their offerings?

The world has changed dramatically over the past two and a half years and with it, consumer needs have changed as well. People expect better quality, better value and a memorable experience. Good food is no longer enough – operators need to be nimble and attentive and able to offer more than a one-dimensional product in order to keep pace.

Has the Coppa Club’s ‘escape from home’ philosophy proven popular so far?

The Coppa Club concept obviously existed long before Covid but the pandemic highlighted the need for offers like ours where the wind was blowing to consumer sentiment.

A personalized “come as you are, use as you want” offer, especially when people are spending more time at home, is paramount. We let our guests dictate what they want to do, when they want to do it and with whom they want to do it and we provide the settings, service, food, beverage and accommodations as needed.

Why did the company decide to cater to a working-from-home audience?

This has always been the philosophy of the Coppa Club from the very beginning. It was a gap in the market that we identified a long time ago and decided to find the right concept to fill it in addition to other needs we saw in the market.

How much does the new investment cost?

We have invested just north of £2m.

How did Coppa approach recruitment at Haslemere?

We started the process well in advance and put a lot of resources into it. We want to contribute to the local economy and provide a wonderful and supportive work environment for anyone looking to get into the hospitality industry or those looking to make it their career. We offer incredible opportunities for both, especially as we are a fast growing group.

Peter M. Doran