The hotel staff is always necessary for the return of customers

CINCINNATI – People are making hotel reservations again, but some hotel officials have said they are still having problems hiring for vacancies.

“Business is coming back, but it’s the jobs, it’s the hiring, it’s the biggest problem,” said Krista Rinehart, director of human resources at The Summit Hotel.

Rinehart said in March 2020 that the Summit Hotel had put workers on leave for three months and that many workers are back now. However, not everyone wanted to return to the industry.

“The industry as a whole has lost a lot of people,” she said. “Not even that they’re afraid to come back or something. I think they’ve just decided that the hospitality industry is no longer for them.”

The hotel currently has 20 open positions, and people are applying for the positions. Rinehart said getting people to show up for interviews is the next hurdle.

“Even the people applying, who we see, aren’t just anyone who’s been in the hospitality business before,” Rinehart said. “We can train anyone for a job. We are looking for people who have a passion for service, people who like to smile, who like to talk to people. “

Open positions at the Summit Hotel start at $ 15 an hour and range from dishwasher to engineer. Click here if you would like to know more about these positions.

Peter M. Doran