Strict SOP, new standard affecting hotel industry in Melaka election, Malaysian Hotel Association says

MELAKA (November 9): Strict standard operating procedure (SOP) and new standard imposed during elections in Melaka state affect the state’s hotel sector as bookings are still low ahead of the November 20 elections .

Malaysian Melaka Hotel Association (MAH) President Khairulnizam Kasim said 73 three-star and above hotels under the association have more than 10,000 rooms, but bookings received to date from visitors of political parties were only 40 to 50%.

“The reservation of hotel rooms during the election is still low compared to the general elections before. In the 14th general election, a week before inauguration day, most of the hotels under MAH were already full due to a large number of supporters coming from other states to help with the campaign, ”he said. -he declares Bernama.

He said that currently most of the hotels under MAH have been booked by Melaka election staff including officials and are arriving in stages.

Budget hotels face the same situation, as bookings during the election were only around 40-50% on over 3,000 rooms involving 176 budget hotels registered under the Melaka Malaysia Budget and Business Hotel Association. (MyBHA).

Its chairman Sazali Sabri, however, said the pace of bookings is expected to accelerate by at least 10% as polling week approaches, when visitors including voters return to Melaka to vote as Malaysians.

“We really hope that room reservations will increase during the election season, but as we are still in the pandemic phase of Covid-19, there are many SOPs that must be followed to curb the infection.

“There have even been last minute cancellations by visitors who made reservations when the election was announced, but canceled them when the SOP did not allow ceramah, rallies and physical campaigning,” a- he declared.

Commenting on the Covid-19 SOP implemented by hotels, he said all hotel management under MyBHA complied with the SOP stipulated by the National Security Council and the Ministry of Health to contain the transmission of the virus and ensure that the hotels remain open.

“Only guests who have received two doses of the vaccine are allowed to enter hotels outside of housekeeping measures in accordance with SOP requirements, including disinfection,” he said.

Peter M. Doran