New business for Richard Branson in the hotel sector

Richard Branson is the owner of Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. The president of the Virgin Group operates the island as a resort, having created luxury properties that are part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio.

Richard Branson recently expanded his hotel portfolio to a new private island. Moskito Island belongs to the British Virgin Islands. It is home to 125 hectares of natural surroundings, including three estates. The Oasis Estate, the Point Estate and the Branson Estate. Richard Branson and his company offer a unique hotel rental program in the Caribbean.

Specifically, The Branson Estate comprises three villas, operating independently with their own private beach. All villas offer their residents the privacy they need to spend a few days away from it all, relaxing by the sea. The names of the three villas are: Headland House, inspired by Branson’s daughter, aged 39-year-old Holly, Managing Director of Virgin Group, Beach Villa and Mangrove Villa, inspired by Branson’s 36-year-old son Sam, founder of Sundog Pictures, a production company in London. In total, these villas offer 11 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 22 people.

The Point Estate consists of independent guest houses. In this place can be accommodated up to 14 adults and 8 children. At the heart of the estate, there is an open communal hub and a spectacular infinity pool.

Finally, The Oasis Estate has the most impressive view of the Caribbean. The property can accommodate up to 18 people. There’s also an infinity pool, oceanfront gym, table tennis and chess facilities, and a giant chair bed.

Branson acquired Moskito Island in 2007 for £ 10million. Moskito Island overlooks Necker Island. Richard Branson implemented on Moskito Island the same vision he had for Necker Island.

It should be mentioned that each property has an estate manager, private chef, and appropriate staff to cover all residents’ needs. Of course, guests have to pay thousands of dollars per night to book their stay at these properties.

Moskito Island has been a favorite spot for divers and sailors for many years. In 2017, Barack Obama visited the island and learned to kitesurf there. Richard Branson’s Virgin Group was founded 50 years ago. The headquarters are in London. Virgin’s goal is to change business for good, so the company’s values ​​are to keep people, products and partners on track. The Virgin Group comprises more than 40 companies in five industries and five continents. According to the latest data, Virgin Group revenue in 2019 was nearly $ 17 billion. The company has more than 70,000 employees.

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Peter M. Doran