Manchester hotel sector rebounds as occupancy hits post-pandemic high


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Manchester’s hotel sector has seen a resurgence in occupancy levels over the past three months, as the hotel industry rebounds from the pandemic.
Hotel occupancy rates were around 40% in May when the area reopened, but in July the occupancy rate rose to 60% and is expected to reach 70% by September.

Interest in hotel stays has grown due to increased stays and easing restrictions allowing more events, offering the option to host weddings, festive events and conferences business.

Adrian Ellis, President of the Manchester Hoteliers’ Association and Managing Director of The Lowry Hotel, said: “It’s great to see our beloved hotel industry bounce back from the devastating effects of the pandemic. The strong demand for leisure, along with the resurgence of business, has been truly uplifting and we look forward to continuing to welcome visitors to our vibrant city.

He added: “We are also seeing an expansion of markets, with more and more companies booking stays and events at hotels in the city.”

The potential for international guests, as restrictions continue to lift, also has the ability to offer higher occupancy levels for the hotel sector in Manchester.

Adam Reckert, Managing Director of the Hilton Manchester Deansgate hotel, said: “The pandemic has created many challenges for the hospitality industry and, as we continue to grapple with issues such as product sourcing and recruiting, statistics show how much our industry is on the verge of recovering from the pandemic earlier than initially expected.

“The public is clearly hungry for a hotel experience – whether it’s vacationing this summer or for big corporate events later in the year, which makes it an incredibly exciting and busy time for those in the hospitality industry. ‘hotel. And with the hope of international travel on the horizon, the industry is poised to rebound. “

Peter M. Doran