Kenya: Swiss Education Group in talks with government to reorganize hotel sector

Nairobi – Swiss Education Group is in talks with the Ministry of Tourism to discuss various partnership opportunities to support the government’s initiative to reorganize the hospitality sector in Kenya.

During their inaugural visit to Kenya, Swiss Education Group reiterated its intention to work with Kenya Utalii College by performing a comprehensive audit of the program to ensure it meets the needs of a dynamic market.

“Kenya represents one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, with tourism as one of its biggest contributors to GDP, we are keen to collaborate with government and the private sector and replicate the success we as a global leader in hospitality management education we are back in Switzerland here in Kenya, ”said Thomas Fitzgibbon, group vice president of international development and marketing.

Swiss Education Group is visiting Kenya to meet various stakeholders in the education sector with the aim of publicizing their programs, especially in the fields of culinary arts, hospitality, tourism and entrepreneurship.

“Each of our schools offers a different educational focus, but they all share the same diverse international experience, firmly rooted in the Swiss tradition of hospitality education. In Kenya, we have continued to provide a constant flow of students over the years. years, many of whom have reached the pinnacle of their profession locally and globally, ”said Fitzgibbon.

Peter M. Doran