Hotel staff to earn extra £ 1,000 as Crerar launches fair trade fund of £ 150,000

Golf View Hotel and Spa Food and Beverage Supervisor Bethan Moore is among the employees who will benefit from the Fair Fund.

The Crerar Hotels hotel group, whose portfolio includes properties in the Highlands, is offering its staff an average additional remuneration of £ 1,000 with the launch of a new ‘Fair Fund’.

This will see around £ 150,000 paid to the Crerar Hotels team this month, on top of their agreed wages.

Crerar Hotels has seven four and five star hotels and inns across Scotland, including the Golf View Hotel and Spa in Nairn, Oban Bay Hotel, Isle of Mull Hotel and Spa, The Glencoe Inn, Deeside Inn and Thainstone House near Inverurie.

Staff at all properties in the group will be rewarded through the fund which is made up of contributions from guests. Payment is quarterly, giving staff who are now at the minimum living wage level or above regular Fair Fund payments to supplement their wages.

It follows the introduction of an optional 10% service charge at each property, providing guests with an easy way to reward team members for exceptional service.

Since June a total of £ 150,000 has been raised from customers who have chosen to pay for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea or spa treatments.

The Fair Fund will go to over 200 employees, across all departments, on an equal basis.

Hotel team members receive around £ 1,000 in addition to their annual salary, with their payment to the Fair Fund being proportional to the number of hours worked in the past three months. For some chefs this amounted to an extra £ 2,000 for three months of excellent service.

Crerar Hotels has also launched a number of employee benefits and committed £ 1million to attracting, retaining and developing talent through the Crerar Academy.

Nairn employee Bethan Moore is among the staff who will benefit from the fund.

She joined Golf View Hotel and Spa in 2017 and worked in reception before quickly rising through the ranks to Food and Beverage Supervisor.

“The news of the Fair Fund payout is fantastic,” she said.

“We already get so many benefits from Crerar hotels that you don’t see in other hotel companies, but it’s the icing on the cake, and we all feel really appreciated by the guests and the company.

“I really appreciate the flexibility of the shifts I get from working for Crerar hotels, as I am able to manage my busy family life – something that a lot of people wouldn’t normally associate with working at Crerar hotels. industry. I started right after maternity leave and four years and one more child later, I still love my job, the place and the people I work with.

“For my working anniversary, we were given a family night out, and I enjoy the simple things like being able to take my daughter to school and use the recreational facilities – it all adds up. The payment of the Fair Fund is an additional complement that will allow me to please myself and my family.

Managing Director Chris Wayne-Wills said: “All of our team work incredibly hard to deliver genuine first class Scottish hospitality.

“The Fair Fund ensures that staff receive compensation commensurate with the hours worked and means those who work behind the scenes are also rewarded for their hard work.

“We’ve made the system completely transparent so that everyone on the team can see who has won what each quarter and absolutely every penny from guests goes to our deserving employees. “

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Peter M. Doran