Australia’s leading FF&E specialist just got bigger!

With over 20 years of experience, we provide end-to-end design and fit-out consultancy for multi-room layouts; work in collaboration with developers, operators and end users.

Our comprehensive service takes our customers from A to Z of FF&E. We have extensive experience in supplying furniture, fittings and equipment for projects of all sizes, including build to let, co-living, hospitality, hotels, serviced apartments, student accommodation and social spaces.

As a specialist turnkey consultant, we manage all aspects of the project, from design, layouts, specifications and schedules to complete supply, installation and after-sales service.

We have a skilled team of designers, stylists, project managers and production and delivery experts who work together to ensure that each project is unique and aligned with our clients’ values.

From custom design and prototyping to cost analysis, value management, and financing, our FF&E services are all-inclusive, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that every project is delivered on time and on schedule. from the budget.

As director Zahava Elenberg says, “If you flip a coin over and shake it, whatever falls down is what we put in there!” From sofas and beds to carpentry, knives and forks, we take care of every detail. This is a full turnkey service focused on design and seamless delivery.

FF&E is integral to the success of a project; this is your first experience of a space. Whether hotel room, lobby or bar; a student accommodation or a coworking environment, the way it has been organized has an impact.

With a culture that values ​​design and aesthetics, it’s imperative to ensure your layout is aligned with your brand and style, and that’s what we do: we create and deliver spaces that leave an impression. sustainable.

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